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Planning room dividers and sliding doors for wardrobes

Learn how to plan for your new sliding wardrobe doors or room dividers with Bedrooms InStyle and make the most out of your space.

Measuring up

The measurements of the available space are essential for creating a bespoke sliding door solution for your home or ensuring our standard size sliding doors will fit.

Follow the steps below to appropriately measure up your space.

  1. You will need a pencil and a tape measure to start with
  2. Measure the depth of your interior space, remembering to leave a minimum of 620mm for both your interior wardrobe area and your doors
  3. You will then need to measure the height of your available space. For this part you will need three measurements (A, B and C), one at each side of the space and one straight down the middle of the space
  4. Finally, you need to measure the width of your space. For this part you will need two measurements (D and E), one at a quarter of the way down from the top of the space and one at three quarters of the way down from the top of the space

Why do Bedrooms InStyle need your measurements?

We need these measurements in order to find a sliding door solution which truly fits your space. We ask for three height measurements because ceilings and floors are very rarely perfectly level or parallel. The sliding doors are made to the smallest height to ensure they slide effortlessly within the height of the aperture. We also require the depth measurements because our interior systems require a minimum depth of 620mm.




Fixed sized doors

Our fixed sized doors fit an opening space of 2260mm (or 1150mm for our loft ranges) height and up to 3606mm width. Our doors come in three widths: 610mm, 762mm and 914mm.

  • Track-sets are sold separately
  • Glass and panel options available
  • Build or adjustment of your opening may be required

Custom sized doors

Our custom sized doors are made to fit an opening space from 700mm to 2480mm height and up to 4555mm width.

  • Made to fit any space
  • Colour matched track-set included
  • Glass and panel options available
  • Simple to install, taking around 2 hours

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