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Sliding Door Wardrobe Designs

Get inspirational expert advice from our design team on how your storage system or sliding doors can fit into your home. Benefit from our teams many years of experience and expertise by taking your first step in our design process today.

Our bedroom design experts are constantly refreshing their product and technical knowledge to ensure they are fully able to offer you the best advice possible. By keeping an ear to the ground and following all the latest design trends, we strengthen our ability to make informed decisions when it comes to the design and style of your sliding doors or storage solutions. Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary, modern or minimalist style, your Bedrooms InStyle designer can help you find the perfect blend of style & function to match your expectations.

The process of our free, no obligation design service

Our design services are completely free with no obligation to purchase our products or pay for our services. We just want to help our customers and potential customers to find the best sliding door or wardrobe solution for their home. If you are interested in benefitting from our free design service, simply follow this process:

Step 1: Visit the Bedrooms InStyle showroom in Cadnam

Here you will get to touch, feel and view the different ranges and types of sliding door and home storage solutions we have on offer. Please either send us your measurements beforehand or bring them with you (see our planning page for more information on how to measure up). You can also benefit from speaking with our design team and starting to discuss the potential options available to you. If you are undertaking a building project, it would be helpful for us to see your architect’s plans so that we have an idea of the design space and room layout.

Step 2: Explore your door design requirements with your Bedrooms InStyle designer

Now it’s time to take an in depth look at your door style options. There are several things to consider during this stage:

  • What other existing furniture or items are in the room that need to co-ordinate with your new design items?
  • What door frame style and colour best suits your requirements and meets your budget?
  • What door centre panel design meets your requirements i.e. single panel, two panel, horizontal or vertical, wide line, fine line, extra wide line or four panel?
  • Which door panel material and finish do you prefer? Do you prefer glass, a wood effect, plain colours or a mix of different finishes?

Step 3: Develop your internal storage wish list

Finalising your wish list is an exciting step where your home storage ideas start to take shape. There are several things which will need to be discussed

  • How much is “his or her space”?
  • Do you have many long dresses or can most of your hanger space be double drop (2 x half height hangers) for blouses, shirts and trousers etc.?
  • Will you require drawer space for underwear?
  • In addition to shelf space do you need specific storage for trousers, shoes or storage boxes?
  • If you have high ceilings will you have better access to high hangers if they are pull down hanger bars?
  • If the storage solution is for another design concept such as a media centre, what size TV will we have to accommodate and what other items such as a Sky box do we have to design around

Step 4: Leave it with us then come back to see what we’ve designed for you

Having established the space you are trying to utilize, explored your door style and defined your wish list we will now create your stunning new design.  Every detail of the overall design will be explained to you as well as the cost and any options that may be worth you considering.

To benefit from our design service, feel free to visit the Bedrooms InStyle showroom today or get in touch with us to discuss this service further. Our team are eager to help you maximise your homes potential, so why not take advantage of this free and helpful service by booking your design consultation today? Whatever the size and scale of your project we will bring the enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise to allow you to relax and enjoy the design process. 

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